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The South Eugene High School Community

The 600 Hall

South Eugene High School
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Since we know how much you all love your school, we decided to make a community for all of you wonderful people to express how much you love your school (or, whatever...). Whether or not you actually go to South, feel welcome. Mostly, what you all should realize is that even though you may have very rigid beliefs, be they political, religious, or social, flaming won't fly here, so don't try it. Trust us, there will be no needless banning or personal vendettas carried out by our mods (tempting though it may be). Since really big and harsh rules suck, there aren't any. You will receive warnings from the mods if you continue with behavior you damn well know isn't okay. You will ALWAYS receive warnings before being banned, so don't try to complain to lj_abuse. And if you make a livejournal account purely for the purpose of posting something to invoke offense, anger, or annoyance, that livejournal account will be banned without warning. Anyway, since none of you would EVER do anything bad, just feel free to talk about whatever the hell you want. Like teachers, clubs, people, parties, plays, dances, chaos, madness, puppies or ponies.